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White Gold Maintenance in St. Louis

White Gold Maintenance in St. Louis

Don’t be alarmed if the back of your ring starts to appear dull or you see the slight appearance of dull yellow on the surface – this is a natural process when the rhodium on the surface of white gold starts wearing off and the yellow gold starts to emerge onto the surface.  This is no reason to panic.  You can always get the shine and brightness of your white gold ring back to its original glory by getting rhodium plating done by the certified jewelers at Southside Jewelry in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you want to maintain the distinct sheen exuberance and beauty of your white gold rings and precious jewelry forever, Rhodium Plating (or dipping) is a great option.  Rhodium plating will not only enhance the reflectivity and luster of white gold, but also make the diamonds on it shine brighter and appear more clear and brilliant.  Also, Rhodium plating, when completed by the experienced jewelers at Southside Jewelry, can enhance the life and durability of white gold jewelry and also make it less susceptible to corrosion and damage.

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Use a St. Louis Jeweler With Real Repair Experience


When it comes to your jewelry repair, you want a jeweler with extensive experience in repairs and exposure to a broad range of jewelry.  At Southside Jewelry, you’ll be working with a store that has been in business for nearly 25 years.  We’ve seen all kinds of jewelry and know exactly what is needed to bring it back to a like-new brilliance.

 Working at Jewelry Store

Jewelry experts at Southside can repair or restore anything from changing stones, to cleaning and resizing gold, silver, or platinum.

You’ve made a considerable investment in your jewelry financially and emotionally.  There’s no need to replace valued pieces that meant so much to you.  At Southside Jewelry, we have the equipment, tools, and expertise to return your precious jewelry to like-new condition.

Having your jewelry repaired or restored does not have to be a financially painful experience.  At Southside our exceptional work is completed on-site by a team with over 45 years of experience, at prices much lower than our competitors.  Our site gives examples of our very low jewelry repair prices that will never compromise quality.  Being independently-owned, our business has been built one satisfied customer at a time, with exceptional work at affordable prices.

Come into Southside Jewelry today to experience the difference for yourself.  Visit our store at 8101 Gravois Road in St.Louis, Missouri today!  For more information, call 314-353-8600. 

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Pricing Examples For Frequent Repair Requests

Ladies Ring Size Down: $15

Gentleman's Ring Size Down: $20

Solder 2 Rings Together: $20

Watch Batteries Replaced: $5

Ladies Ring Size Up 1 Size: $25

Gentleman's Ring Size Up 1 Size: $25

Basic Chain Solder: $10

Repair Ring Tips each: $10